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How do I love figs.

Let me count the ways…

1. Fig jam

2. Fresh fig salad

3. Bruschetta with figs

Okay you get the idea.   I love figs.

Why do i love figs so much, you ask?  Well, shit.  I don’t know.  It’s a question that doesn’t actually require an answer like–“where do babies come from” or “whatever happened to Pee Wee Herman?”  All that matters is that I spent my life searching for that one special ingredient.

My mascot. 

My sidekick.

Sorry Olive…

But I don’t think drizzling you with honey and pairing you with semi-soft cheeses would be ideal for your fur.

One of the main reasons I’ve chosen figs as a feature item is because my odd infatuation with them is actually quite recent.  You know how people normally camp out for events like Bruce Springsteen tickets? *Shout-out to my Uncle Mitchell*  Well, when I heard that Wilmington was finally hopping on the Whole Foods train–I considered hauling my queen size bed into their soon-to-be parking lot.  It’s not like the first hundred customers got to ride the grass-fed beef or anything, but I wanted the privilege of being there on opening day first dibs on the cheese samples.  I burst through the glorious automatic doors and into the beautiful produce department.  The emotion I experienced in that moment can only be conveyed through the following quote from one of history’s most famous leaders.

I believe it was the inventor of Almond Joy who once said…

“Sometimes you feel like a nut…and sometimes, you don’t.”

That store was so packed with wild-eyed people wrestling their way to the local parsnips that I almost had to take shelter under the apricots for safety.   Just when I pressed my basket to my chest and slid in-between two women arguing over radishes, I stumbled backwards into a table.  As I turned around to say excuse me, I looked down only to find myself face-to-face with the most gorgeous array of fresh figs I had ever seen.  These stunning masterpieces stood straight up like chubby little soldiers with their pointy heads and plump bodies.  The rainbow of deep purple, granny-smith-green, and glowing magenta was mesmerizing.

I was almost certain time had paused

I snatched up as many as possible and made my way to the front of the store.  In a matter of minutes I was home and slicing through fresh black mission figs.  They split open to reveal glossy, bright burgundy skin inside and I piled them into a bowl with thick vanilla yogurt and sweet maple agave.

And life as I knew it…would never be the same again.