Fanny Slater: Shady since 1985.


Food Writer, Blogger, CEO (Chief Eating Officer) of Fanfare Catering, and WINNER of Rachael Ray’s Great American Cookbook Competition

The heart of my food-spiration is childhood.  I have been blessed with a lifetime of food moments that have touched my soul.  From standing on a chair in the kitchen with my dad to ritual restaurant meals with my grandparents–these stories have become as important as the ingredients.  In my kitchen today, I create enriched adaptations of these dishes that have changed my life.  This passionate concept of mine is called “Tastes like Childhood” and I have just won the opportunity to publish my very first cookbook thanks to Rachael Ray’s Great American Cookbook Competition!  Click the photo below to head to Rachael’s site and get some of my featured recipes from the show.  Click here to learn all about how I entered and won this once-in-a-lifetime national competition.

Cheers to you, Rach.  You made all of my dreams come true.

fan bio

In June of 2013, I launched Fanfare in my hometown of Wilmington, North Carolina and have become a full time ENTREE-preneur.  Whether it’s a bridal shower brunch, a lunch for your office, or a week’s worth of prepared meals for you and your family–I am Wilmington’s source for all things homemade.  My services are those of a catering company, but I’m simply just a girl who is driven to inspire through food.  My recipes come from the heart and most importantly, the soil and seas of Wilmington.  My dishes are infused with a passion for local ingredients and combining extraordinary flavors.  From Maker’s Mark Whiskey Bacon Jam Bruschetta to light and healthy Kale and Pistachio Lavender Smoothies, I do it all.  Don’t see it on the menu?  Just ask. 

Let’s back up…

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a special relationship with food. The kind of relationship that compels me to plan dinner in my head as I’m eating breakfast. The kind of relationship that causes me read cookbooks instead of romance novels, and menus instead of fashion magazines. Most young women my age are thrilled at the sight of the clearance isle in Target–while I, on the other hand, get weak in the knees when stumbling upon an unexpected fig sale at Whole Foods.

Four years ago I moved 3,000 miles across the country by myself to Hollywood, California to follow my heart and pursue a lifelong dream. A year and a half later, I followed my stomach back to the east coast with a head full of new ambitions and a cat named Olive. While living in Los Angeles, every bit of passion I ever held for cooking, eating, and writing fermented inside of me until I couldn’t take it any longer. In that moment, I realized that my future would forever be changed by homemade jams, caramelized onions, and tzatziki sauce.

Join me in my soulful kitchen adventures and share my appreciation for all things childhood and culinary as I teach you how to cook like a Food Network star and approach every meal with laughter.

So grab a fork, pull up a chair, and get your Fanny in the kitchen.

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