Follow the Cookbook

Follow the wild journey as I write my first cookbook!

I will be dishing out details of the good, the bad, the grilled, and the broiled right here on my blog.  Join me on my adventure of cookbookery–as Julia Child called it–and see what happens behind the scenes as this foodie goes stomach-first into recipe writing, testing, and tasting.  In case you missed the full story, head to the Rachael Ray section of my site to find out how I won a publishing contract with Rachael Ray Books!  Also follow me @fannyslater on Instagram as I share daily photos and play the Infamous Ingredient–a poorly titled, yet exciting game where I select a single ingredient from the recipe I’m testing and give you two facts about it:

A Fun Fact: An interesting true trinket of knowledge about our infamous ingredient.

A Fan Fact: A quirky characteristic about why this ingredient holds a special place in my heart and my belly.

Hope you follow along.  It’s going to be one hell of a ride.