Whoops, sorry.  Got distracted by some pickles.

If you’re following me from my last blog Raleighwood to Hollywood, then you probably just realized we’re no longer in Kansas any more Toto.  If this is the first time you’ve ever heard of me, then hello.  I’m Fanny.  Not Sandy, not Danny, not Franny, not Frances, not “is that your real name.”  If you’ve already scrolled through the sections and seen some of my photos, let me just clear a few things up right now:

1. I am NOT Jennifer Aniston’s younger sister.

2. I do, in fact, have a strange obsession with figs.

3. I am hilarious.

This blog is my way of sharing my ever-growing passion for food with all of you.  I have a fascination with building dishes from scratch and blending unexpected ingredients to make a hell of a meal.  I learned how to cook from my dad, from working in professional kitchens, and from my 24/7 obsession with Food Network.  On the outside–I’m a typical 28 old girl drinking beers at the bar across the street; but on the inside lies a die-hard foodie who appears to be listening to you but is probably imagining a recipe for bruschetta with fried leeks.

I don’t know the first thing about a short sentence–but I do know why heirloom tomatoes taste so good with goat cheese, and why roasted garlic should be our next president.  I moved out to California to find what I was looking for and it turns out it was back here all along.  One journey ended, and another began…

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Thanks for visiting!  Hope you stay a while.  It will only get better from here.