The most effective approach to pulling off a classic movie line is to do so in a situation where it’s completely unexpected and irrelevant.  The other weekend after my best friend successfully dropped this Mean Girl’s quote mid-conversation, she got me thinking…

…about egg whites.

Egg whites have a pretty bad rap among all of their other breakfast colleagues.  They’re the poster-child for healthy eating and seem to fall short next to richer, more extravagant dishes like eggs benedict or the infamous frittata.  Well I’d like to share with you that egg whites do not have to be boring.  Egg whites can be like a blank canvas for your wildest breakfast dreams.  Use them as your backdrop and then paint to your heart’s desires.  Then shout, “I had egg whites!” from the mountain-tops and bask in the glow of feeling like you did something “healthy”.

Today’s feature:

Open-faced Egg White and Tomato Sandwich on Crusty Sunflower Toast with Cream Cheese and Fresh Basil.


Three reasons this delicious masterpiece is actually healthy:

1. Egg whites are full of protein and nutrients but don’t contain the added cholesterol and fat of the yolk.

2. Instead of adding a higher fat cheese like cheddar or Swiss–using a low fat spread like garden vegetable cream cheese cuts calories without cutting out flavor.

3. Magic (right dad?).

Thick cut, seeded sourdough is a great vehicle for an egg white because the crusty texture and nutty flavor combine perfectly with the buttery egg white.  Even when seasoned with salt and pepper, egg whites have a tendency to be a little bit bland–so I like a soft spreadable cheese (like goat, taleggio, or brie) to create a velvety flavor.  In keeping with the healthy motif this time around, I used light garden vegetable cream cheese.  The savory spread mimics the creaminess that you’re missing from the yolk while the bright tomatoes add just the right amount of juiciness.  Torn fresh basil right on top brings color and sweetness.

And just like that…we turned egg whites from the mascot of the flag team into the prom queen.



*No members of the cast of Mean Girls were harmed in the making of this breakfast.*